Skill Development



Why should India focus on Skill Development?

India is one of the few countries in the world where the working age population will be far in excess of those dependent on them and, as per the World Bank, this will continue for at least three decades till 2040. This has increasingly been recognized as a potential source of significant strength for the national economy, provided we are able to equip and continuously upgrade the skills of the population in the working age group. In recognition of this need, the Government of India has adopted skill development as a national priority over the next 10 years.



How is the skill development initiative organized in India?

NSDA is the key coordinating body for skills development in India. NSDC is an organization setup in the PPP mode to execute skill development initiatives. It has three key roles -create , fund and develop an ecosystem by promoting the role of the private sector and the employers in skill development. Other Central government ministries and State governments have a focus on skill development within the purview of their domain. NGOs and the Private Sector also contribute to the overall initiative. Sector Skill Councils have been set up to standardize the occupational standards, they are responsible for certification, train the trainers and accreditation. They also participate in the creation of the Labour market information system by developing LMIS for their sectors A Cabinet Committee on Skill Development with representation from various ministries and NSDA drives the policy formulation on skill development.


Areas Vibrant present to support the Skill development initiative:-

  • Skill mobilization
  • Training & Content delivery
  • Infra Management
  • End to End project coordination